Friday, December 31, 2010

BumpTop 3D Multi-Touch Desktop for Chrome OS

A few years ago i ran across this little piece of software called BumpTop. I used it for awhile and after about 2 weeks i moved on to some other testing. Only to read online that Google bought them out. Well today it came to me Chrome OS does not have a desktop and Bumptop would be really cool option. I sent the suggestion to Google so we will see if they are listening :) I think they could make it work and work well. I would give the user more options and control of the user experience. Come on Google you cant control everything can you?

Just in case you have no idea what i am talking about check out this video.

Thursday, December 30, 2010


I was sitting here on my day off messing with my Cr-48 and i thought to myself how did i out of all the computer nerds in the country that applied for the pilot program get selected. Of course not just me but any of us. What makes me so special? Is it the amount of Google products i use? How long i had my Gmail account? I know its my search activities.. or my location. I mean i signed up and was selected immediately. I had to be, my package was 2 day air and i signed up on Monday the 13th around 10:00 am and the 15th I had my wonderful gift from Google. Now my curiosity is killing me and i want to know why.
What do you guys and girls that received one think?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Destroy The CR-48 over and over....

They can destroy them but they keep coming back!! The way Google is destroing these Cr-48 ChromeBooks in the DemoLab its like they will either be really cheap or maybe a good insurance plan on them..

Go here and a lab tech will chat with you and you can tell him how to take one of these CR-48 notebooks out!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Enough is enough already!

I have been reading and reading a lot about Google and how they will fail with this cloud based computing idea.. Oh my!! Guess what its an idea. If you don't like it then don't write about it. I for one think its a great idea. They could sale these little laptops (Cr-48) for a 100 all day everyday. Of course you have to have internet around you at all times. As it would not be much cloud computing if you did not. Let me tell you i live in the country. And when i say the country i have to worry about hitting wild pigs and deer on my way to work in the morning. The closest and biggest store around is Walmart. I have had this ChromeBook for a week. And at almost no time have gone without internet. This thing is always looking for a connection and if you cant find WiFi turn on the VZW and your up and running. Do they need offline storage of course they do, do they need a way to hook you Digital cam in and upload pictures dont be stupid. I am pretty sure they know that. Is this thing ruff around the edges hell ya! It's a piece of Beta Hard-where and Software.. These guys have this thing doomed before it even had a chance to start.. Did we forget the sale off of the old TV signal (you know when we all moved to pure digital TV) Do we think that we will not have a internet connection virtually everywhere someday soon.. Even i will not be so stupid to say that will be next year. I could see whoever giving slow or low end WiFi service for next to nothing or on a pre-pay plan.

I would pay 20 a month for internet everywhere i go, hell i pay 30 a month now for this Droid Smartphone.
Remember i told you if you wanted some kind of smart guy blog keep it moving on down the road. (watch out for the pigs)

I say its coming and you better get on board or you will be playing catch up! I have my cloud base notebook where is yours??

ChromeBook WebSites

Here are a few sites that will get you going in the right direction with your new ChromeBook, Cr-48...

Chrome Lounge
Google Official ChromeBoook Page
Chrome Store

Sunday, December 19, 2010

About 7hrs

So about 7hrs of normal use. And that's after being un  plugged all night. MONDAY I Should be on it all day after a full charge.

Forum all about Chrome OS...Chrome OS Lounge Im new over here but so far so good.

Battery Life in the Cloud Crazy Long!

The Battery on this thing is crazy!! Ive been on it for about 5 hours and its still at 30% saying about 2 hours left. Oh did i say that all of this blog was done from the ChromeBook aka CR-48. Everything but my proof pics.

How do i take pics with this webcam??

Quick demo of the app Pic Me Quick

It allows you to take picks from your ChromeBook and i guess saves them online while providing a link your for you to share.As you can see the cam is well crappy at best. But hey hey we are in beta here.

Get Your Apps!

Go here Chrome WebStore and get a feel for what its like to use the ChromeBook full time!

Track them ChromeBooks

Did you sign up for the ChromeBook Beta project? Well see if they sent one to your town.. I can verify it does show the one they shipped to me!

Where is my ChromeBook!!


Alot of times you have to provided proof..

Better late than never

Well first off im not a writer or anything close. If you want some in depth or smart guy blog then keep moving.. I do like Google and Android (Droid owner) and anything new and shiny when it comes to Computers or technology.I was doing my normal news reading when i saw a story about Google's new Chrome OS. Of course i wanted to know more so i clicked on the story and scanned through. Down at the bottom of the page was a link to try the pilot program for this OS and you get a laptop to try it on! So i like im sure one million other eager folks filled out the application to be a part of this beta program. This was on the 13th of December. I answered as truthful as i could I went back to work on my regular job and did not think anything of it. Well two days later on the 15th i came home to find a box on the back steps of my house. I had no idea what it was, maybe a Christmas gift from family or something the wife bought online. So i look at the shipping label its got my name on it, still dont know what it is. So i pop the box open only to find the now famous box that holds the Cr-48. I was like a kid in a candy store im 31 years old and started jumping around and LOL.. My kids thought i was crazy.. I pulled the laptop out of the package and put the battery in LOL the whole time (Crazy i say) Hit the power button and loaded up my account. I quickly noticed that my new ChromeBook browser looked just like my Chrome browser at work. So i started to explore this new and crazy idea of keeping everything in the cloud.
First thing it connected right up to my home WiFi! This is a good sign. All my Gmail and GV accounts loaded right up.On my other laptop i was able to make phone calls through Gmail so thats one first things i tried. I called the wife only to hear i was very choppy and she could not understand me. So i hung up and pulled out the Droid. And went on to tell her how i just received this laptop in the mail. She was happy for me but not as excited as i was/am!

I thought what to check out next.. Ive been watching alot of Netflix with this new Wifi BluRay player i bought so i went straight to Netflix only to find out "this OS does not support Netflix" so that a bummer but hey you cant have everything all the time right. Youtube works Hula and most if not other videos i come across. Well i think thats enough ramblings. Next up i will review the hardware of this thing.

Like i said im just a normal guy with a new toy. Google wants feedback and im going to give it.