Friday, May 20, 2011

Survey-- Would you Buy a Chrome Book at the Current Price?

Well the wait is almost over. ChromeBooks on sale in June.

First i would like to say the name of my blog well was named way before the called them "ChromeBooks" and i think i should get something in return for this. (i joking of course).  As the title says they are coming in June and you may find out all you need to know right here!   I have heard that they will run between $349 and $500.. and i dont like the price of this at all! I thought for sure that they would sell for around $250. I love this Cr-48 and i use it almost everyday but i could not spend 350 on one! The concept is great and the boot time is out of this world fast. Oh and the battery does last around 8.5 hours! But for that kind of money i am going to buy a full Windows 7 PC and install the latest version of Chrome on it. Google has been marking these computers as something you can lose or throw in a river and dont worry its ok you just get another turn it on and there is all your data!! Yea and great but at 350 i am not running out to buy another...

I would hope they would come out with a much cheaper version. I always said that if the sold for around 200-250 i would buy everyone in the house one.. So sorry kids no ChromeBooks for Xmas for you!

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